Meet The Esthetician

Crystal Cooper, Licensed Esthetician

As a licensed aesthetician of 17 years, I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness, skincare, and holistic beauty rituals. As a professional I have the unique opportunity to harness all these amazing ideas and push them to the next level in a creative and unique manner. It helps immensely and it can bring in front some great benefits and results.

I started to work as an aesthetician because I started to realize the true power of spa and wellness products. They really changed my life, and I am sure that they will do the same for you as well. Although I worked as an skincare specialist in a spa for years, I retired to become a stay at home mother. However, this industry is always a part of you, and I felt that firsthand. That’s why I soon got back to it and started practicing aesthetics again.

My commitment is to help women boost their confidence level, focus on their wellbeing and just enjoy life in a great way. I truly believe that skin health and wellness go well together, and I am fully focused on offering people the guidelines they need to really push their skincare to that next level in a wonderful manner. Nothing is impossible, you can easily look and feel amazing at any age. I am here to help you with the assistance and guidelines you need to make that happen.

  • Licensed in Arizona & New York
  • NCEA Certified
Licensed esthetician